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Captain Pack


Blue Print + Canva Templates

Do you want to structure your digital business in a quick and practical way? This package is for you!


You will have access to: subtitles, templates and step by step to structure a digital business


Instagram Booming Program

From zero to advanced

Want to turn your Instagram into your company's flagship?

Learn all strategies!


You get 4 free lessons during one week to Unlock your Instagram when you register on the waiting list.


Consulting & Mentoring

1:1 Meetings

Do you want to accelerate your results with unique strategies? Schedule a free 15 min call with me to grow faster!


Consultancies: I give you strategies
Mentoring: I help you apply the strategies we will create

Captain Pack

Rota do Marketing

Curso de Mentalidade Empreendedora


Você descobrirá o como navegar no disputado Mar do Marketing.
Se você quer começar seu negócio, mas não sabe como fazer isso, esse será seu mapa!


(You will discover how to navigate the disputed Marketing Ocean. If you want to start your business, but don't know how to do it, this will be your map.)


Curso Zero ao PRO

Crie e Lance seu Produto Digital


Se você sonha empreender na sua área de expertise, transformando seu conhecimento em um produto ou serviço e vendendo através do digital, esse é o curso que você precisa.


(If you dream of undertaking in your area of expertise, transforming your knowledge into a product or service  this is the course you need)


Consultorias e Mentorias

1:1 Meetings

(Speaking in Portuguese)

Você quer acelerar seus resultados com estratégias exclusivas? Agende uma ligação gratuita de 15 minutos comigo para crescer mais rápido!


Consultorias: eu apresento estratégias  e você aplica por conta própria
Mentoria: Eu ajudo você a aplicar as estratégias que criaremos juntos

Tell me if this sounds familiar, you’re…

  • Driven by an indomitable purpose designed to impact others
  • Passionate about using his skills to transform the world around you
  • Ready to turn your wildest dreams into profitable businesses
Daniele Penariol Smile

I'm Daniele Penariol, my mission is to turn your projects into reality through Digital Marketing. 💙


I left Law School to live off the Blog I had created in 2011,

I turned this madness into a portfolio.


🔥 Managed Marketing for 2 of the largest Brazilian entertainment companies.


🔥 I've mentored more than 1000 entrepreneurs to structure their online businesses.


🌍 I decided to start from 0 in the European market, moving to England without any plan B.


Today, less than 3 years since that decision, I have two companies billing 6 digits each 👊🔥


My mission is to help you prove - for yourself and others - your ability with results.


I believe that your truth, that call that comes from within, is what takes you further!


Transforming the lives of entrepreneurs into Captains of their businesses is what moves me.

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